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Tomorrow (Weds, Aug 4) at 10am ET: The Defiant & DeFi Watch co-host a pop-up event focusing on DeFi transparency with SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce, crypto attorney Gabriel Shapiro, CEO of Compound Labs Robert Leshner, The Defiant founder Camila Russo and DeFi Watch founder Chris Blec. The first 20-30 minutes Chris Blec Aug 3, 2021 • 1 min read

If you watch the financial markets, you might have heard the words "decentralized finance," or "DeFi," pop up frequently. The thriving peer-to-peer crypto network is becoming a standard part of a...

Defi Watch is a platform that makes your digital assets work for you. Investors can choose from the over 10k pools and more than 30 DEXes to invest their cryptocurrencies and safely earn passive income. By mid-January 2022, over $327 million of assets from users across the globe were being tracked by the platform.

DeFi: Looking beyond Uniswap's $1 trillion volume feat. Decentralized exchange Uniswap has been in the news over the past day for successfully settling an aggregate of…. Lavina Daryanani. May 26, 2022.

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Track your Yield Farming and Liquidity Pool performance incl. Impermanent Loss (IL) on Binance Smart Chain with a sleek and casual UI.

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Tip jar: 0x0e9fbabfac3a56d076b62d48964bd7bf057876d7 [Click to copy] You can also /tip on Discord :) My nickname is @Magg | Kingdom.Watch. (Oh, wow! I've actually ...

Meet — a real breakthrough in DeFi analytics! ⚡️ Get detailed breakdowns of each investment you made, find new juicy opportunities among +7000 liquidity pools, and just become rich 🤑 Connect MetaMask to receive your deals' statistics, for free! Show more Have you tried

DeFi Watch will not solicit or request funds or grants from any DeFi projects that it may eventually research. This means that DeFi Watch can only stay alive with the the support of members of the DeFi community like you. Would you consider making a small donation today to help support our ongoing research in support of transparency in DeFi? - pool search aggregator and DeFi portfolio tracker multi-stage filter 10k+ liquidity pools detailed portfolio breakdowns 30+ DEXs, lending protocols and vaults Daily alerts via TG bot: Join and invest smartly 0 replies 0 retweets 1 like @defi_watch_ Feb 4 Do you like Discord? is an analytical tool created for DeFi investors. The product allows to search and compare 7000+ liquidity pools in real-time across more than 20 DEX and landings in 8 different blockchains and track the performance of personal DeFi portfolio using a MetaMask wallet. Lists Featuring This Company Cryptocurrency Companies

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The customer deals directly with the restaurant, and that means the transaction is both cheaper and more secure than traditional credit cards. Here are 7 DeFi stocks and investments to watch for ... #crypto #defi #earn #airdrop DeFi pools search aggregator and advanced portfolio tracker. Sunday, October 3, 2021 Visit Recent startups. Sales Academy Online by SALESDOCk. 25+ sessions to transform the way you sell. Terraform Generator by Digger. Automagically generate infrastructure-as-code on AWS. allows you to monitor 7000+ DeFi pools with every 5 minutes updates and select the best ones. We support 9 chains, 21 DEX, and 3 lendings now and add only reliable projects with high TVL. With our portfolio you can see detailed breakdowns for each asset over time: profits and losses, transactions and summary.

You might be searching the web trying to figure out "What is Defi?". Well, in this video we cover exactly what defi (or decentralized finance) is and cover 5...

DeFi is a burgeoning blockchain segment credited with turning the financial services industry on its head. This is mainly due to the rise of smart contracts, which are agreements automatically...

Read writing from team on Medium. All-in-one solution for DeFi investors. Every day, team and thousands of other voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium.

Many are calling decentralized finance, or DeFi, the "Wild West of finance." This fast-growing industry aims to provide automated banking services for cryptocurrencies to everyone, with no middle...

There are quite a few useful DeFi wallet aggregators out there but my favorite at the moment is Debank. It's pretty useful as it puts all the projects (that are supported) you've invested in together so you can see your total balance. You can also swap tokens, see how the DeFi marketplace is doing and vote on inclusion of newer projects. is a website that aims to provide a straightforward way to gather information about decentralized finance (DeFi) projects from all around the world.. The project can be used to track one's portfolio (Metamask, Coinbase and Binance Chain Wallets, as well as Terra Station wallet are supported and can be connected to the service).

"DeFi Watch is a blockchain-agnostic project dedicated to monitoring and reporting centralization risks associated with decentralized finance protcols, products and applications." Team. Chris Blec; curators; Is part of (2-3-2020) the first members of the Ren Alliance, as a Developer member to help educate the public or develop ancillary services.

DeFi Watch is a project dedicated to monitoring and reporting centralization risks associated with decentralized finance protocols, products and applications. Most of the focus will be on Ethereum, however the project is not Ethereum-exclusive. The goal is to build a more resilient and bulletproof DeFi ecosystem while also educating end-users ...

The Vesta Solution. Vesta is looking to increase LTV standard to over 90%, as well as accept a broader range of DeFi assets. Unlike Aave or Compound, Vesta will issue its own stablecoin (VST) in exchange for collateral. We've seen this model work tremendously well for protocols like Terra and Abracadabra with UST and MIM.

Review of I love Product Hunt for the opportunity to discover cool new projects! I will try to put myself in the shoes of a journalist and objectively talk about my experience with this service. + Tab Pool of liquidity. Gives a clear and transparent comparison of possible positions. Very comfortably.

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