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Welcome to Solidly Solidly officially launched in January 2022 with a collective goal of fair and balanced access to DeFi. Solidly is a decentralized exchange that has launched on the Fantom network with low fees, near 0 slippage on correlated assets and a strong focus on secondary markets for tokenized locks as NFT's (veToken = lpNFTs).

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What is Solidly? Just in case you don't know yet, here's an article from Solidex to explain it briefly but on point. You can also go straight to the source by reading Andre's posts. I think the...

It is called Solidly Exchange and will be the first protocol-to-protocol automated market-maker ( AMM) in decentralized finance ( DeFi). It has th e potential to start a new era of product innovation on decentralized finance, all thanks to the star power launching the protocol.

Solidly is an Automated Market Maker based on the well-known Uniswap v2. However, unlike Uniswap, Solidly offers users to trade with low slippage between pegged assets such as stablecoins. Before Solidly token $SOLID was launched, it was known as ve (3,3).

In short, you provide liquidity on and than decide if you continue to stake your LP tokens on (yield optimizer) or on itself. DeFi space is getting bit like "first comes, profits", this might be valid for as well: but on the bright side it's not your usual Olympus or Tomb fork.

Mission: DeFi DeFi Lunch Contact Follow We're Saving Fingers! Solidly Episodes March 7, 2022 DeFi Lunch (Ep 98) - March 7, 2022 - MD Interview with @AndrewYang / … The inside scoop on Brad's interview with @AndrewYang about @Lobby3D for Andre / @AntonNellCrypto's brain dead tw… Episode page March 3, 2022

SOLID Solidly is an AMM that implements both Olympus's (3,3) tokenomics and Curve's (ve) vote escrow system - but where Solidly differs is that it's being launched with Curve-style protocol wars in mind, essentially designed to attract liquidity providers as its first priority.

Solidly is the most talked-about DeFi project on Fantom, and as of March 2022 some of its liquidity pools still yield over 500% APY. The project seemed about to collapse when its founder Andre Cronje suddenly quit DeFi, but it seems like Solidly will survive after all.

Solidly is meant to be independent and unattached to anyone, a founder or a team. It takes a while to understand this. Rather than seeing it as a website ( or as a project (by...

for Solidly built on Fantom. Stake liquidity. Solidex TVL. $9.49m. 42% dominance. Total SOLID locked on Solidex. 16.86m. 28.2% of total locked. Total SEX locked. 6.75m. 77% of total supply locked. SEX PARTNERS. Enjoy more voting power and higher rewards. Find out more. LIQUIDITY PROVIDERS. Get a bigger boost and earn

When famous DeFi developer Andre Cronje announced he'd be launching a project called Solidly on Fantom, a real 'vamp war' broke out for its airdrop. In just 2 months, Fantom skyrocketed to the 3d place among all blockchains by TVL. Then, shortly after Solidly went live, Andre announced he was leaving DeFi - and the TVL plummeted.

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Recently, two of the most famous and talented developers in DeFi - Andre Cronje and Daniele Sestagalli, have partnered to release a brand new DeFi suite consisting of Solidly (AMM) and ve (3,3) (tokenomics). Since then, a new "game" has been created, which I will call Andre Game, or ve (3,3) war.

This AMM, known as Solid Swap, is designed to abandon the traditional method of favoring TVL and liquidity contribution. Instead, it incentivizes fees and focuses on diverting more rewards towards pools that are beneficial for users. This initiative was introduced to enable sustainability and long-term development of the DeFi world.

solidly meaning: 1. strongly and firmly: 2. in a regular or continuous way, without sudden changes: 3. agreeing…. Learn more.

Liquidity providers are paid in the form of a token called SOLID. The platform allows for some of the lowest fees on swaps between assets in the DeFi sector. Investors have eagerly awaited Solidly's launch since Cronje first hinted at the project in early January and have been piling in since it went live last Thursday.

Solidly is a decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Fantom network and it claims to offer "low fees, near-zero slippage on correlated assets and a strong focus on secondary markets for tokenized locks as NFTs." In simpler terms, Solidly is designed to function as an interface for swapping stablecoins and other crypto assets.

Solidly Solidex Rockets to $2.18B in TVL Within Days Of Launch Byte, DeFi News, defiant / By Owen Fernau / February 28, 2022 / DeFi, DeFi Token News, DEX, Fantom, Solidex, Solidly Solidex, a new yield optimizer on Fantom, has crossed $2.1B in Total Value Locked.

DeFi Solidly TVL rises to over $2 billion in 24 hours. Solidly total value locked was around $28 million by February 23 reached over $800 million by February 25 before almost tripling in value to $2.24 billion on February 27. Oluwapelumi Adejumo. Feb. 28, 2022 at 10:45 am UTC. 2 min read.

We will talk about the Fantom Ecosystem, Solidly by Andre Cronje, and other potential plays for 2022! Trust the path! The top cryptocurrency channel to learn...

1. Immunefi announced this Friday, February 4, through its Twitter account, that Solidly has launched its Bug Bounty on Immunefi. Image about Immunefi post. "Solidly enables low-cost transactions with almost no slippage on uncorrelated or closely correlated assets. The protocol incentivizes fees instead of liquidity", he said in an article ...

Thank you DeFi! Quick recap: Solidly uses the Fantom blockchain and provides liquidity pool services and staking. Its liquid native token is SOLID, and the "not-so" liquid other asset is the VeNFT. The project started back in January 2022 and aims to provide a platform where users can participate in liquidity pools (LPs). The famous Andre ...

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