Strewn defi

strewn defi

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dropped in separate pieces or particles over a surface; scattered: The dancers led a candlelight procession through the district, following a path of strewn marigold petals. verb a past participle of strew. Also strewed [strood] . OTHER WORDS FROM strewn un·strewed, adjective un·strewn, adjective Words nearby strewn

The meaning of STREW is to spread by scattering. How to use strew in a sentence.

Define strewn. strewn synonyms, strewn pronunciation, strewn translation, English dictionary definition of strewn. tr.v. strewed , strewn or strewed , strew·ing , strews 1. To spread here and there; scatter or distribute: strewing flowers down the aisle.

(Definition of strewn from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press) Examples of strewn strewn It's a far cry from the wreckage strewn over the past few years. From The Verge

the act of running through, destroying, or completely ruining someone or something I just strewn a whole bag of marshmallows. by Dye DM9 February 11, 2009 Flag Get the strewn mug. strewn adj. to reflect an act or comment as being rediculously adherent to that of a rider oh so strewn, horse! by sailor May 27, 2005 Flag Get the strewn mug. Strewn

verb strews, strewing, strewed, strewn or strewed to spread or scatter or be spread or scattered, as over a surface or area Derived forms of strew strewer, noun Word Origin for strew Old English streowian; related to Old Norse strā, Old High German streuwen, Latin struere to spread

Britannica Dictionary definition of STREW [+ object] 1 : to spread or scatter things over or on the ground or some other surface She strewed the birdseed on the ground. He strewed fresh hay on the floors of the stable. = He strewed the floors of the stable with fresh hay. — often used as (be) strewed/strewn

strew (something) (all) over (someone or something) To scatter or spread something over a person, area, or thing, especially in a disorganized, haphazard manner. Often used in passive constructions. Clothes, dirty dishes, and discarded food were strewn all over the house when I came back home.

strewn it with; strewn me with; strewn on; strewn one with; strewn over; strewn someone with; strewn something with; strewn them with; strewn us with; Strewn Winery; strewn you with; strewnly; strews; strews; strews; strews all on; strews all over; strews her with; strews him with; strews it with; strews me with; strews on; strews one with ...

Definition of 'strewn' strewn (struːn ) 1. adjective [verb-link ADJECTIVE with noun] If a place is strewn with things, they are lying scattered there. The front room was strewn with books and clothes. The riverbed was strewn with big boulders. Strewn is also a combining form. ...a litter-strewn street. ...a rock-strewn hillside. 2.

strew verb [ T ] uk / struː / us / struː / strewed | strewn or strewed to spread things in an untidy way over a surface, or to be spread in an untidy way over a surface: They marked the end of the war by strewing flowers over the graves of 18,000 soldiers. Wine bottles and dirty dishes were strewn across the lawn.

[ stroh ] verb, strowed, strown or strowed, strow·ing.Archaic. strew. treating others with kindness acting selfishly Origin of strow 1300-50; Middle English strowen, variant of strewen to strew Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2022 How to use strow in a sentence

Strewn definition: If a place is strewn with things, they are lying scattered there. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

adjective. 1 Untidily scattered. More example sentences. in combination Covered with untidily scattered things.

To cover someone or something with something by sprinkling or scattering it on top of them or it, especially in a messy, haphazard manner. Often used in passive constructions. Everyone in the crowd was strewn with confetti from the parade. He had strewn the room with flower petals to make it more romantic. See also: strew

Define strewn. Strewn as a verb means Strewn is defined as scattered about..

What does strewn mean? Information and translations of strewn in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Login . The STANDS4 Network ...

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strew. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English strew /struː/ verb (past tense strewed, past participle strewn /struːn/ or strewed) [ transitive] 1 to scatter things around a large area be strewn with something The street was strewn with broken glass. be strewn around/about/over etc something clothes strewn across the floor Grammar ...

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adjective. 1 Untidily scattered. in combination Covered with untidily scattered things.

verb strewn, strewed. 1 Scatter or spread (things) untidily over a surface or area. 'Damage was caused to the fence and chain, the crosses by the memorial were flattened and litter was strewn around the area.'. 'There are more and more scratches to the paintwork and plants from an adjoining flower bed, along with litter, have been strewn ...

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Examples of Strewn in a sentence. The rose petals were strewn all over the aisle for the wedding. After she dropped her briefcase, she rushed to gather the papers strewn about the yard. Confetti lay strewn all over the streets after the parade. The contents of the toy chest are strewn all over the playroom because I babysat my nieces earlier today.

Definition of windstrewn in the dictionary. Meaning of windstrewn. What does windstrewn mean? Information and translations of windstrewn in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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